The Law Office of Scott W. Sexton is dedicated to providing estate planning services to address your unique goals and objectives.

Estate Planning
Ensure your estate plan addresses your values and objectives throughout each stage of your life.

Inheritance and Estate Tax Planning
Structure your estate-planning documents in a manner that will minimize tax implications.

Create a custom will that addresses your unique situation and recognizes your objectives.

Learn the types of trusts most applicable to your goals and partner to implement the proper course of action.

Living Wills and Powers of Attorney
Ensure your wishes are followed through proper documentation.

Medicaid Planning
Understand your options to face the rising cost of medical care and long-term care with confidence.

Veteran Benefits Planning
The Law Office of Scott W. Sexton is specializes in serving veterans, spouses and surviving spouses of veterans who are seeking Veteran Affairs’ “Improved Pension and Aid and Attendance,” a federal assistance program offering monthly support for long-term care assistance.

Through our partnership with financial services professionals across the nation, we offer a range of services, including evaluation of benefits and trust preparation services, to the nearly 2 million veterans and widows who may qualify for improved pension and aid & attendance. Benefits are payable by the Department of Veterans Affairs to veterans, spouses and surviving spouses who are disabled or frail and might have trouble living on their own.

Are you a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran

  • who served at least 90 days of consecutive active military service, one day served during wartime?
  • who has been discharged in any way other than dishonorable?
  • who now, or will in the near future, need assistance with daily activities?

To be eligible for veteran benefits, specifically aid & attendance, you must meet a range of qualifications. Our network of financial services professionals are well versed in eligibility requirements and understand benefit payments are an important financial component for establishing long-term care.

We also partner with Stovall and Associates, LTD, whose team of CPAs and tax professionals play an essential role in helping veterans and surviving spouses qualify for veteran benefits by identifying tax implications and providing gift tax preparation and other discounted tax services as appropriate.

A Veterans Affairs study says that the veterans generally “are completely unaware that program exists.” Contact me today to find out if you are eligible. You may earn up to $1,950 per month tax free.